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Changes in immigration law or government policy

There have been significant changes in immigration policy during the past year which could benefit you.

Presently, we are helping many clients prepare the I-601A provisional waivers of unlawful presence, which came into effect in March of 2013. This waiver allows immediate relatives who are ineligible to apply for adjustment of status to apply for a waiver in the U.S. which could make it possible to undergo consular processing without the risk of having to spend 3 or 10 years abroad due an unlawful presence bar.

Labrada Dumé and Associates is proud to have also assisted many young men and women who came to the U.S. as children obtain Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). We anticipate more significant changes in immigration law or government policy which could benefit immigrants. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with our office to ensure that you can take advantage of existing changes in immigration law or learn of possible changes that you may want to prepare for in one of many ways such as filing a Freedom of Information Act to request your immigration record, conducting FBI background checks or requesting dispositions of arrests