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Employment-based immigration

Our firm also provides excellent representation in a wide range of employment-based immigration and specialty visas.

Our employment-based practice includes preparation of H1-B petitions for specialty occupation professionals, PERM labor certifications and EB-5 petitions for investors. We pride ourselves in the successful preparation of EB-1 immigrant petitions and of O non-immigrant visa petitions for aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, business, education, and science as well as a diverse variety of other specialty visas.

EB-1 Visa for Highly Skilled Immigrants.

The EB-1 Visa is an employment-based, first-preference visa intended for “priority workers” to gain permanent residence in the United States.

In an EB-1A petition, a permanent job offer is not required, and the qualifying applicant may petition for immigration benefits by herself or himself.

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EB-1A, Alien of Extraordinary Ability.

The EB-1A classification applies to aliens who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim.

In addition, the qualifying applicant’s achievements must be recognized in his/her field through extensive documentation.

We can guide you through the challenging process of demonstrating that you are indeed "extraordinary" and how your talent or knowledge will benefit the U.S. national interest.

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EB-1B, Outstanding Professors & Researchers

The EB-1B classification applies to aliens who are internationally recognized for outstanding achievements in a particular academic field.

An EB-1B petition consists of Form I-140, an employment offer letter, and evidence that proves the qualifying applicant meets the criteria requirements.

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EB-1C, Multinational Manager or Executive

This visa is for outstanding multinational executives or managers.

All visas are current under this category, which allows qualifying applicants to obtain their Green Card faster. In order to qualify, there are requirements that the applicant must be met.

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EB-5 Visas: The Investment of a Lifetime

The EB-5 visa provides a means by which qualifying investors can obtain permanent residence in the United States.

An investor must invest in what USCIS considers a for profit "new enterprise." "A "new enterprise" is a term of art. In fact it really does not need to be a brand new company or one that is in the making.

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H-1B Visas: Not Just a Matter of Degree

Employers who wish to sponsor highly-skilled workers should consider filing an H-1B petition on behalf of their prospective employee. The prospective employee must have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent work experience. However, it is not just a matter of degree.

The H-1B is an extremely versatile visa that can be used to sponsor a wide variety of employees. We have successfully filed H-1B petitions for professionals in diverse fields including Management Analysts, System Analysts, Accountants, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Medical Assistants, Chemists, Software Engineers, and Architects.

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PERM Labor Certification: Obtaining a "Green Card through Work

Employers may sponsor workers for permanent residence through the PERM labor certification process. PERM, which stands for "Program Electronic Review Management" is a "stream-lined" attestation-based procedure which has reduced the processing time of labor certifications. The job offered must be for a full-time, permanent position. Employment may be for skilled or unskilled labor.

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