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Family Law

It is important
that your attorney understands
what are your
individual needs.

Family Law matters are challenging to resolve because they tend to be
emotionally-charged and involve high stakes in personal finances.

How will divorce impact your wealth and/or your ability to support yourself?

Will you be able to keep the business you have dedicated most of your life to?

Are you willing to agree to divorce if you will have custody of your children and stay in your home?

Are you an unmarried parent who needs assistance working out a parenting schedule or obtaining child support?

Do you fear someone you have been in a relationship with or a family member and need assistance obtaining a restraining order?

These are just some of the most basic life-altering issues which once united families must confront during times of instability or separation.

When it comes to Family Law issues whether it involves divorce, child custody or domestic violence you need the assistance of an objective, experienced attorney that can help you assess what it is in your best interest and that of your children at a trying time when your judgment could be impaired by the passionate emotions that family disputes generally evoke. You need an attorney that will be patient enough to listen to your story and your needs. It is important that your attorney understands not only what you have but what are your individual needs.

“At Labrada Dumé & Associates we can provide the high-quality, trustworthy, and compassionate legal representation you need to address all Family Law matters including divorce, child custody, child support and domestic violence issues”

We will listen to your personal account and take into consideration that you need to make some of the most significant decisions in your life during the most difficult times. We will care about your individual case and try to obtain the the best result under your particular circumstances. Ms. Marilyn Labrada Dumé has the communication and negotiation skills needed to help you determine how you may agree to an equitable distribution or parenting agreement that will take into consideration your financial goals, schedule and other personal considerations.

After evaluating your circumstances, we may determine that you may be willing to give up the marital home and divide joint accounts if you can keep your professional practice and a vacation home. Perhaps you may have health issues and need to ensure your spouse will continue to provide health insurance, life insurance and agree to pay college tuition before you can agree to a marital settlement agreement. Your concern may not be financial but that your apparently fit spouse is violent or has a vice and should not have unsupervised parenting time with the children. Alternatively, you may not have children but are very worried about who will keep the dog that you feed and walk every day and would like to keep the antiques that you have collected throughout a lifetime of travel.

Once you tell your own story, Ms. Labrada Dumé will advise you of your rights and options under existing New Jersey family and matrimonial laws. She will then tailor a settlement proposal to fit your individual needs within legally permissible boundaries and advocate zealously on your behalf. An out of court settlement is generally preferable because it can include very specific provisions that reflect your individualized needs. It also avoids the potentially negative psychological toll of extended litigation in family matters and the high costs of taking a case to a very time-consuming trial.

If your case is left for a judge to decide, equitable distribution may result in a very impersonal division of property and a parenting schedule which may not fit either parent's schedule. Often the judge will order a home to be sold, accounts to be divided and one parent to be that of primary custody with the other parent having visitation every other weekend. This may not work for either side and often leads to ongoing litigation which could have been avoided by dedicating time to a well-thought out settlement agreement. When out of court settlements cannot be reached, Ms. Labrada Dumé possesses the litigation skills to aggressively advocate on your behalf if the case must go to trial. If the terms of a judge's order are not feasible or need enforcement, Mrs. Labrada Dumé will file the motions needed to obtain post-judgment relief.

Marilyn Labrada Dume

Marilyn Labrada Dumé

Founder & Managing Partner Marilyn Dume is the founder and managing partner of the firm. Ms. Dume earned a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School in 1989. Prior to attending Columbia, Ms. Dume attended University of Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986. Ms. Dume is admitted to the New Jersey State Bar.